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Review: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar

Unless you have been living under a rock (or just aren’t into makeup) I’m sure at some stage over the past couple of years you may have heard about the famed Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar, shortened by most and better known as the OCC Lip Tar.

So upon receiving 3 of these babies from Michelle at Lipstick Republic. I was so excited to try these out and finally see for myself what the hype was all about.

To be perfectly honest I had seen them everywhere on YouTube but was never really that interested in buying a Lip Tar to try out for myself. I have to admit I am more of an eye makeup lover but of course I do love lip colours and at one stage even had more lipsticks than I did have eyeshadows!

One thing I have always loved the look of is lip glosses, but stopped wearing them as I really just find them to be a waste of time and effort. They just have no staying power whatsoever and I find that I have to reapply so often and I for one am pretty careful when I wear my lippy.

I hadn’t read any reviews on the Lip Tars, I only had seen them used in YouTube videos from time to time and had just assumed that it was just another lipgloss. Something along the lines of the Lancôme Juicy Tubes perhaps?

Boy oh boy, could I have been more wrong?!?



In a nutshell the OCC Lip Tars are a highly pigmented lip product that applies like a gloss, has the staying power and opacity of a lipstick and dries to a satin finish.

The Tars come in a Myriad of colours, not just super bright ones like the ones I have, they also come in white (for lightening), clear, browns, peach/corals and soft pinks/nudes. The great thing is that the colours can be mixed to create new colours so I guess the possibilities of mixing and creating your own colours are endless. I haven’t tried customising any colours myself as the colours I do have are of very similar colour…but it’s definitely something I’d like to try later on down the track upon purchasing a few more shades.

Left to right: Pretty Boy, Harlot and Pageant. My camera isn’t great so the true colours really aren’t showing up true to what they are in real life. Harlot for example is showing up as a bright Fuscia Pink which it is not.


I found for the most precise application the Lip Tars are best applied using a lip brush. Not sure about the lighter colours, but with the colours I have I did find that they stained the skin slightly once set so it would be best to apply the product straight on to a brush (my preferred application) or on to a palette…not the back of your hand!

Believe me when I say that a little really does go a long way. You only need the tiniest bead of product on the brush which I found to be more than enough. It’s quite a buildable product so I found if I needed more, applying the Tars in thin layers rather than slapping on one thick layer worked much better. You do get a more precise application by building up the product as if applied to thickly you may even find that the colour bleeds a little as the product is so thick, it hasn’t really had time to set on the lips so it will shift if your not careful.

With the colours I have being quite bright, I did find that I couldn’t just slap the product on willy nilly. If you aren’t used to applying your lip products with a brush you may find it a little tricky. Definitley some effort and care is required when applying the Lip Tars which was fine by me as 1) I always apply my brighter colours with a lip brush and 2) I think if you are going to go to the effort of wearing a bright lip, it should be applied and worn properly! A little TLC with your application makes all the difference.

I must say that I’m usually quite big on lining my lips first to create that perfect shape before I apply any lipsticks, even neutral ones. The fact that I was using a brush to apply the Tar I found was able to define my lips with the product and then fill the lip in eliminating the need for a separate liner. Reason why I loved that so much is that my “liner” and lip colour match perfectly!

In the following pics my face isn’t “done” as I decided to take these impromptu pics for this review. So please excuse the bags under my eyes! Admittedly I was also pretty slack with the application of the Lip Tars. Not as perfect as I would like, but all I really wanted to do was demonstrate the colour for you.

Pretty Boy: A cool toned fuschia pink


Harlot: A fiery cool toned Red


Pageant: A bright yet dusty cool toned Barbie pink

How does it wear?

I was quite pleasantly surprised at how easy the Lip Tars are to wear. Not word of a lie when I say that they didn’t dry my lips out at all!! Amongst other ingredients, the Tars contain Hemp oil, Vitamin E and my fave coz it makes my lips tingle slightly, Peppermint Oil (which you can smell, taste and feel) which left my lips feeling quite soothed and moisturised.

In regards to how long they last I’d have to say I’m quite impressed. I wouldn’t consider it to be a long wearing lip colour as such, but they definitely do outlast just a standard wear lipstick.

As with most lipsticks, the wear usually focuses on the centre of the mouth so after a few hours I found that I could just pop on some balm, rub my lips together to catch the product on the outer of the lip to bring it in to the centre. The colour won’t be as strong but still definitely quite noticeable. The wear will also depend on how careful you are with how you eat/drink etc.

Overall Impression:

I’d have to say I’m totally sold and in love with this product! I’m just sorry that it’s taken me so long to jump onto the bandwagon. Now that I’m finally on…i don’t think I’ll be getting off! I love how super pigmented they are and how nice they feel on my lips…and how long they last considering you don’t really need to put a lot of product on. They are definitely the furthest thing from a gloss that I could possibly think of.

I definitely see myself purchasing more of these Tars in the near future and with the OCC Lip Tars currently retailing at $16 a tube I definitely think it’s easy to build up quite a collection. For the quality of the product and how long it will last you I think it’s such a great buy! I definitely cannot wait to get my hands on some more and have a play with the amazing colours!


Damn straight I do! #love (Taken with Instagram)

Damn straight I do! #love (Taken with Instagram)

I believe that being beautiful is a decision we make. When a woman decides to be beautiful she radiates confidence and makes the most of her own traits and characteristics. There is no doubt that being happy about how we look is important. This means accepting the way we appear and making the most of it, even if it doesn’t fit the world’s standard of beauty. It’s about looking within yourself and being honest. Embracing yourself means you will take better care of yourself and show the best of yourself to the world.

24 weeks+2 to be exact! And feeling wonderful!!! 
#babybump #24weeks #pregnant
(Taken with Instagram)

24 weeks+2 to be exact! And feeling wonderful!!! 

#babybump #24weeks #pregnant

(Taken with Instagram)

Lipstick Republic

As I have mentioned I have been having such trouble trying to put up a post that consists of more than a few lines of my own words and multiple pictures. I have tried on several computers now and yet I still run into the same problems!! It’s so frustrating as I’ve been wanting to get this blog up and running with some of my own personal content. I’m posting this now (with great difficulty I might add) so I’m not even sure if I’m going to be able to get it looking the way I want it too…but who cares!! This post has waited long enough!

 Here it goes….

 The Sunday before last I had caught up with one of my dearest girlfriends Michelle, who if you didn’t know, is also behind the recently launched online makeup store Lipstick Republic. Being the amazingly generous person she is, she was kind enough to give me this little box of goodies as an early b’day present.

I was sitting at her desk at Lipstick Republic Headquarters checking out all the stock when she told me to pick out a couple of things and that these would be my birthday present. Firstly I thought aawww how sweet of her!! Secondly I thought, AWESOMMMEEE! I mean what make up lover is going to knock back a couple of free cosmetics!!

After trying out a few shades of the newly stocked OCC Lip tars (which I might add are super amazing!)  I decided these were too good to pass up and ended up choosing 3 stunning colours. To be honest I was have been more than happy with just these 3 OCC Lip Tars. But do you think it stopped there? No. She kept saying to me “here, try this..and this..and this” until I ended up with the little collection I have pictured below.

Even though this parcel clearly wasn’t going to be posted out she insisted she box it up just as she would have done for any one of her online orders that she would have posted out. It was so very sweet of her to put in the extra effort. I really was half expecting to chuck it into my handbag to take them home, but this was not the case. The box was made up and inside my goodies were beautifully wrapped

So let’s get to the good bit. Here is what my little birthday present consisted of:

-          Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Harlot

-          Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Pretty Boy

-          Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Pageant

-          Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Tint Tinted Moisturizer in Y4

-          NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation in Natural Beige

-          Eye of Horus Natural Smokey Eye Pencil (plus sharpener)

-          Lime Crime Candy Eyed Helper – Eye Lid Primer (Sample sized)

-          NYX Stick Blush in Tea Rose

-          Beauty Pod Airbrush FX Sponge

-          Eye Candy Soothing Eye Coolers

As you can imagine I was feeling quite spoilt! Can’t wait to have a play with all of these :)

Of course I have already started and I plan to do a few reviews on these items in the near future so stay tuned!! 

If you are after some awesome makeup I highly recommend you go and check out Lipstick Republic


Go…..NOW! :)